Linking to a PDF file in a Headline

Linking to a PDF in a Headline is a little different that linking to a PDF on a regular web page.  To add a link to a PDF in a Headline, do this:

  • In the site manager, click the “File & Folders” link to the right under “Common Tools”
  • Click the green “Upload” button
  • Click the “Browse” button to locate the PDF file on your computer then click the “Upload” button
  • In the “Files & Folders” window, click the “More” button to the right of the file you uploaded and select “Get Link”
  • Right click on the link in the “Full Web Address” box and select “Copy” then click “Close”
  • Close the “Files & Folders” window
  • Add your Headline and in the “Headline Body” tab, enter all of the headline body and type the text to link to (example “Click Here” or the name of the document)
  • Highlight the text and click the “Insert Link” button (it looks like a chain link)
  • In the "Insert Link" window, click "Web Address” and paste the link you copied earlier in the Web Address box. (you will need to remove the http:// at the beginning of the address as it will add that for you automatically.
  • In the “Target” box, you can choose to open the file in a new window if needed.
  • Click the green “Insert Link” button.
  • Click the “Save” button to finish adding the headline.