Importing Calendar Events

If you need to enter several calendar events at once, use the Excel Calendar Import template.   This will save you lots of time.  In Site Manager, go to the calendar then click the “Import Events” tab.  Next, click the green “Import Events” button. Click the words “Click here” to download the template.  Save the template to your computer.  Open the template and delete the sample date and enter your calendar events.  If you want to add a category to an event (like an Athletic” event) you will need to know the Category ID.  You can find the Category ID by clicking the “Event Category” tab. 


To upload the calendar events to your calendar:

·         Step 1:  Select your file - Click the “Browse” button and locate the calendar template you saved.  Click “Next”. 

·         Step 2: Match field mappings – You need to match the Calendar Fields with the corresponding field in your template.  You can “ignore” fields you are not using. Click “Next”. 

·         Step 3: Preview your events – On this screen, you can choose to save the mapping (do this if you will use this same mapping on future imports).  You can also make this your default mapping.  Click “Next”.

·         Step 4: Assign viewing rights – leave this empty if the calendar is meant to be “public” for anyone to see”.  Add users or groups if it is a private calendar.  Click “Import”.