Updating your Faculty List

In site manager, click the “Faculty” channel on the left.  Then click the “Faculty/Staff” section.  Click the “All Faculty/Staff” page to edit.  Click the “Edit” button to make a change to a faculty member, click the “Delete” button to delete a faculty member or click “New Record” to add a faculty member. 

NOTE: If you are making several changes, it is much quicker and easier to do an “Import…”  To do this, follow these steps:

·         First click the “Export…” button to save the current faculty staff list to an Excel file.

·         Open the Excel file and make and edits needed and save the file.

·         In Site Manager, on the “All Faculty/Staff” page, click the “Purge All” button to remove ALL records.

·         Click the “Import…” button and browse for your Excel file. Click “Next”.

·         Click the “Import” button.