Creating a Minibase

Click the “New Page” button and select the “Blank Page” type.  Enter a name for the page and click “Save”. Click the page you just created to edit.  In the “Actions” box on the right, click “Manage Apps & Layout”.  Click the “Add App” button and select “Minibase” from the available apps.  Enter a name in the “App Name” box.  (Giving the app a meaningful name will help you find it later if needed.)  Click “Save”. Click “I’m Done”.  Click the minibase app to begin creating the minibase.

Enter field names.  These are like the heading names in an Excel spreadsheet.  Click the “Add More Fields” button to add more fields.  Click the “Set Fields & Continue” button once all field names are added.

Now you are ready to add “New Records”, “Import…” from an Excel file, etc.

To determine how the records will display on your webpage, click the black “Options” button near the top right hand side of the screen.

·         General Tab – Check the box “Show the app name on my page” if you want the app name to display above the minibase.  Change the number of records to appear on each page. Also, change the display format if needed.

·         Sharing Tab – add users or groups here to give permission to others to display this minibase on their webpages.

·         Fields Tab – you can add additional fields or edit field names.  Click the “Viewers” button to control who can see a particular field.  If no viewers are added, everyone can view the field.  You can also change the filter type, sort order and sort level.