Editing the Homepage Banner

In site manager, go to your homepage.  Click the Banner app in section “A” to edit.

·         Click the “Upload Photos” button to get started.

·         Browse your computer for your photos then click the “Upload” button.

·         Click the “Adjust Photo…” button to the right of a photo to crop.

o   Click the “Adjustment” button then the “Crop” button

o   Change the width to 588 and height to 277

o   Drag the crop window to the desired location then click “Apply”

o   Click the “Save” button at the top left side of the screen

o   Click “Save” again

·         Click the “Edit” button to add a caption to a photo.

·         Click the “Sort Photos” button to change the display order of the photos.

·         When you are ready to make the new banner photos live on the site, click the “Publish” button.