August 21- 25

August 21- 25

Monday August 21: After grading the Mindset Quiz essays this weekend, I noticed that students needed help with how to use commas and apostrophes. Today we will learn the rules for using both and work together practicing how to edit sentences with these punctuation mistakes. This will be in their test this Friday.

Tuesday August 22: Computers should be finished setting up today, so students will complete their pre-diagnostic test for the Hatchet unit. This test will help me understand where students are struggling the most and what topics I should slow down on to teach deeper. This test will be a benchmark grade, meaning, students will be given the same test at the end of the unit and they are expected to show growth. It is okay if they fail the pre-test as long as they grow in their second test. Students will be given their 10 vocabulary words to study for their test on Friday.

Wednesday August 23: We will complete Lesson 4 of Hatchet. For homework, students should study their commas, apostrophes, and vocabulary for the test.

Thursday August 24: We will complete Lesson 5 of Hatchet and review for our test Friday.

Friday August 25: We will complete Section 1 and 2 Quiz (5 questions) then take our Ch. 1-4 Hatchet Test.

Items due by this Friday:

  • Section 1 and 2 Quiz (Grade)
  • Ch. 1- 4 Hatchet Test (Grade)