August 28- September 1

August 28- September 1

Welcome to another wonderful week at MBMS!

Monday August 28: We will complete Lesson 6 in the Hatchet Unit. 

Tuesday August 29: We will complete Lesson 7 in the Hatchet Unit. 

Wednesday August 30: We will complete Lesson 8 in the Hatchet Unit.   

Thursday August 31: We will complete Lesson 9 in the Hatchet Unit.  

Friday September 1: Quiz day!!! We will begin class with a timed narrative writing assignment. Students will be given apx. 20 minutes to write a narrative about the following prompt: "In the not-so-distant future, humans have evolved their sense of smell to match the complexity of a dog's. Think of possible smells in your environment, from pleasant (like flowers) to unpleasant (like garbage). Imagine that you are a police officer in this future world and you are using your keen sense of smell to track down a suspect. What did the criminal do? Why are you tracking them? What are you smelling and how does the mix of smells help or hinder your investigation?" After the timer ends for their writing assignment, they will take the Section 3 Quiz for Hatchet. As always, section quizzes are open-note and open-journal. 

Items due by this Friday:

  • Section 3 Quiz (Grade)