September 5- 8

September 5- 8

Hockety, pockety, wockety, whack! The long weekend's over! I'm glad you came back!

Tuesday September 5: Last Friday we had a lot of technology issues so some students were able to complete their section 3 quiz and others were not. Those students who need to take their quiz will do so, and those who are finished will complete a "Characterization of Brian" activity that the students did on Friday if their technology didn't work. By the end of today, everyone will have completed the following assignments:

  • Section 3 Quiz
  • Super Cop Writing Prompt
  • "Characterization of Brian" Activity

Wednesday September 6: We will complete Lesson 10 in our Hatchet unit.

Thursday September 7: We will complete Lesson 11 in our Hatchet unit.

Friday September 8: We will complete Lesson 12 in our Hatchet unit.  Extra Credit Opportunity!!! Follow the directions on Page 85 of your purple journal to fill out Page 86. When you have completed page 86, bring it to Mrs. Bravo to check. Successful attempts will be rewarded 10 bonus points to their lowest assignment grade which will increase it to the next letter. Ex. If your lowest assignment grade in my class is an F, the bonus would increase this one grade to a D. This is a RARE opportunity! I strongly encourage you to take advantage of it!