Week 8: October 2- 4

October 2- 4
We love a good half week! ๐Ÿ˜„

Monday October 2: We will do Lesson 25 of our Hatchet Unit and complete the CWT Rough Draft Packet.

Tuesday October 3: We will do Lesson 26 of our Hatchet Unit and begin our rough draft essay.

Wednesday October 4: We will do Lesson 27 of our Hatchet Unit and finish our rough draft essay.

Thursday-Monday: Mrs. Bravo will grade everything listed below in red. Students will actively kick back and enjoy their break knowing that there is NO HOMEWORK for ELA!

Assignments Due Wednesday:

  • Purple Journal Hatchet Section Pg. 64-95
  • Student Spiral Notebooks Section 1 Pt.1 and all of Section 2
  • All extra credit assignments
  • Rough Draft Essay + completed CWT Packet email submissions are NOT accepted! This assignment must be handwritten 
  • Magical Item Narrative Essay
  • Any tests/quizzes that have not already been locked

Due to the volume of assignments being turned in this week, expect delays to email responses! The only activity that we are actively working on this week is the “CWT rough draft + packet.” All other grades should have been completed already. All grades are final. Students have had multiple extra credit opportunities leading up to this moment, and if they did not take advantage of those opportunities when they had the chance then I hope they learn from this and choose to do them the next time the opportunity is offered. Due to the volume of assignments, if your student turns in their papers late (next Tuesday 10/10 or beyond) not only will the normal process of subtracting letter grades for late work be followed, but they will be graded if and when I have time. There are no excuses for late grades. These assignments and due dates have been posted and talked about in and around the classroom for 3 weeks now.