October 16- 20

  • October 16- 20
    This happens to be one of my favorite weeks in the Hatchet Unit! I hope you love it as much as I do! This week we are creating our extension task projects! Students will choose a real story about a person or group of people who had to survive in the wilds. They will become experts on their person/group and create a presentation to teach the class about it, emphasizing what characteristics made that person/group succeed in being rescued. Everything that we do this week will build their knowledge of events and prepare them for presentation next week. This project will have 3 different grades for the 2nd 9-Weeks: Data collection grade (packet), Multimedia PowerPoint Grade, and their Oral Presentation Grade.

    Monday October 9: We will do Lesson 32 of our Hatchet Unit. We will read "Your Story: Are You a Survivor?" and students will finalize their choice of which person or group they will research. With any leftover time, students will use their laptops to begin researching their events.

    Tuesday October 10: We will do Lesson 33 of our Hatchet Unit. Today is all about research! Students will research their topic and collect all the information they can about their subject and record it on their packet. Near the end of class, partners will get together and meet about what they found.

    Wednesday October 11: We will do Lesson 34 of our Hatchet Unit. Today we will talk about credible sources. How to identify credible sources. Students will evaluate the credibility of the sites they have already researched and continue to conduct more research.

    Thursday October 12: Since today is a half day, I will only see two of my classes. The two classes that I see will continue their research.

    Friday October 13: We will do Lesson 35 of our Hatchet Unit. Today we will look at what a multimedia presentation looks like (setting the expectation). We will talk about the rubric and how they will be graded. Students will have the opportunity to add other things that they would like to be graded on as well (like including facts about their life before the event). Students will work in their partner groups to create a multimedia presentation to teach the class next week. Students will turn in their packets for review/grade this weekend so I can catch any errors or flawed knowledge before they get too far into their powerpoint creation.

    Optional Homework: If students would like to get together over the weekend to continue their research and build their presentation together, I strongly encourage them to do so! I would hate for anyone to feel embarrassed next week when they present their research to the class. If they feel confident in how their presentation looks, then they do not need to do this homework.