October 23- 27

  • October 23- 27
    The end is near! This is the LAST week that we will work on Hatchet! Next Monday we will begin a new unit entitled "Steve Jobs." I have been asked by some parents what book we will be reading so you can order it ahead of time to have a copy for your house. This unit does not have a book, it is an anthology (a collection of short stories) and students will be given their own individual copies of the text to travel back and forth with. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE parents to buy a folder with pockets and brads for this unit so students can safely store the anthology without losing pages.

    Monday October 23: We will do Lesson 36 of our Hatchet Unit. We will learn how to build a bibliography page to cite our research sources. With leftover time, students will finalize their presentations for tomorrow.


    Tuesday October 24: We will begin our PowerPoint presentations for our real-life survival situations.


    Wednesday October 25: We will finish our PowerPoint presentations today and turn in all documents associated with it..

    Thursday October 26: We will finish part 1 of our Cold Read Test today.  

    Friday October 27: We will finish part 2 of our Cold Read Test today.

Grades due this week:

  • Extention Task Packet (1 grade)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (1 grade)
  • Oral Presentation (1 grade- should be an easy A)
  • Cold Read Grade (Pt.1 &2 combined)