October 30- November 3

  • October 30- November 3
    Welcome back to another beautiful week at MBMS! Final Reminder: We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE parents to buy a folder with pockets and brads for this unit so students can safely store the anthology without losing pages.

    Monday October 30: Everyone put in so much effort on their presentations! I've been blown away by the product that students have made. That said, we were not able to finish all of them in two class periods so we will take today to finish them and set up our folders for the new Steve Jobs unit we are starting tomorrow. 

    Tuesday October 31: Happy Halloween! We will begin our new unit today with Lesson 1.

    Wednesday October 25: We will do lesson 2 of Steve Jobs.

    Thursday October 26: We will do lesson 3 of Steve Jobs.  

    Friday October 27: We will do Lesson 4 of Steve Jobs.