November 27- December 1

  • November 27- December 1
    Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! I hope everyone had as wonderful a time as I did on break! (sleeping, spending time in the woods, and surrounded by family) With many people still traveling back from break, this week is going to slowly edge back into our lessons. We will start Monday picking up where we left off learning about narrative writing and encouraging students to find their creative side. We will review for a cold read test, take that test, and then pick up with our lessons on Friday. There are TWO grades this week. The cold read Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 will be counted as one grade, and on Friday students' final product for their narrative writing assignment is due for a grade as well.

  • Monday November 27: We will continue to work on our narratives that we started Friday before the break. The goal of today's lesson is to add detail.

    Tuesday November 28: We will review concepts that we learned the week before break- main idea, important details, summarizing and prepare students for the cold read test tomorrow. We will also be doing some housekeeping with our class supplies and making sure that everyone's things are in order. (Sometimes after a long break, things go missing or get damaged so we will take care of those issues today.) 

    Wednesday November 29: We will complete lesson 16 of Steve Jobs: Cold Read Test Pt. 1 (multiple choice).

    Thursday November 30: We will complete lesson 17 of Steve Jobs: Cold Read Test Pt. 2 (writing).  

    Friday December 1: We will complete lesson 18 of Steve Jobs: Summarizing "Mindset for Achievement."

 Grades this Week:

1. Cold Read Pt. 1 and 2

2. Narrative Writing Assignment (instruction completed Monday but students have until Friday to fine tune it)

Extra Credit this Week: After students submit their final draft for their narrative,  they may critique one of their classmate's stories: 3 things they liked, 2 things that they think should be improved, and one lingering question about the essay.

Housekeeping Note: After grading the Hatchet Cold Read Tests, I am not happy with the grades students made and I feel that the bad grades are at least in part my fault because of the amount of time that passed between lessons and taking the test without a study guide or test review day. For this reason, I am deleting this grade from jCampus.