January 4- January 12

  • January 4 - January 12
    Welcome back from Christmas Break! I hope everyone had as wonderful a time as I did on break! This week we will start Thursday off by taking the day to make up or redo a test we took before the break that everyone did poorly on. We will then begin our culminating writing task for Steve Jobs unit on Friday. There is one grade this week. The cold read Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 will be counted as one grade.

  • The following week, we will continue to work on our culminating writing task and our final draft (typed and submitted through Canvas) is due Friday January 12th. There are two grades this week. The first is the combined grade of their brainstorm paper and their rough draft with edits and revisions. The second grade is their final draft and is based on the LDOE 19-point Nonfiction Writing Rubric.
  • Thursday January 4: We will make up and redo our cold read tests from before the break (Lesson 29/30 of Steve Jobs).  Grade locks Friday 1/5.

    Friday January 5: We will complete lesson 31 of Steve Jobs: Reviewing Rowling's Speech and Previewing CWT. We will fill out a paper in class. If they do not finish the paper in class, it is homework over the weekend!

  • Monday January 8: We will complete lesson 32 of Steve Jobs: Identifying claim and evidence for CWT. We will add a new graphic organizer to our brainstorm packet. If they do not finish the paper in class, it is homework.

    Tuesday January 9: We will complete lesson 33 of Steve Jobs: Write a first draft. If they do not finish their draft in class, it is homework. It should have 4-5 paragraphs and be around 2 pages in length.

  • Wednesday January 10: We will complete lesson 34 of Steve Jobs: Revise your essay.  If they do not finish revising in class, it is homework. They should take this time to reorganize things into the proper paragraphs. If their essay is extra messy, they should take today to rewrite it on a fresh sheet of paper with the corrections they made.

  • Thursday January 11: We will complete lesson 35 of Steve Jobs: Edit and Publish Final Draft. Their rough draft should have red pen marks where they checked spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, and more. After today, they have until 3pm tomorrow to turn in their brainstorm packet and rough drafts stapled together, and their final draft should be submitted on Canvas.

    Friday January 12: We will complete lesson 36 of Steve Jobs: Begin research for Extension Task. They will be given a packet to chart their research. Students are strongly encouraged to continue their research over the weekend.


 Grades this Week:

1. Cold Read Pt. 1 and 2

2. Culminating Writing Task Packet and Rough Draft

3. Culminating Writing Task Final Draft on Canvas