January 22- 26

  • January 22 - January 26
    Woohoo! It's the last week of our Steve Jobs Unit! Next week we will begin our "If Stones Could Speak" Unit! If you want to order a copy of the book on Amazon- or wherever you get your books from - now is the best time to do so! You are looking for "If Stones Could Speak: Unlocking the Secrets of Stonehenge" by Marc Aronson. There are three grades this week. Extension task research and speech prep work (brainstorm and rough draft), final draft of the speech, and the oral/visual presentation of their speech as well.

  • Monday January 22: We will complete lesson 37 of Steve Jobs: Planning a speech. We will use a graphic organizer to organize our research from last week into a clear outline in our brainstorm packet. If they do not finish the paper in class, it is homework.

    Tuesday January 23: We will complete lesson 38 of Steve Jobs: Write a first draft of our speech. If they do not finish their draft in class, it is homework. When spoken aloud, it should be between 3- 5 minutes long. If it is more, that is fine just make sure the information is relevant.


  • Wednesday January 24: We will complete lesson 39 of Steve Jobs: Revise and edit your speech.  If they do not finish in class, it is homework. 

  • Thursday January 25: We will complete lesson 40 of Steve Jobs: Create a visual slideshow. Their slideshow should include pictures and possibly videos of their famous person with captions showing what the audience is looking at. 

    Friday January 26: We will begin lesson 41 of Steve Jobs: Presenting our speeches. This is the final assignment of the Steve Jobs Unit. It may roll over to Monday for some of my larger classes. All materials for this week's assignments are due today unless the student did not get to present their speech today.


 Grades this Week:

1. Research Project brainstorm and rough draft

2. Final Draft of Speech

3. Speech presentation w/ Slideshow