January 29- February 2

January 29 - February 2
We are beginning If Stones Could Speak this week! I won't sugarcoat it; this unit will be hard. If your student struggled with Hatchet, they will most likely struggle with this one as we dive into the scientific world of Archeology and exploring the civilizations of the Paleolithic Era. As always, we will work to ensure that students get the help they need, but while we complete this unit, I strongly encourage students and families to watch archeology documentaries like those found on National Geographic Disney+. Not only will it expose your student to the world of archeology, but it will open up a dialogue about how school is going and help you better understand what students are talking about. This unit is hard and is designed to challenge students, please remind them how important it is to pay attention so they do not fall behind or develop gaps in their learning.

Please check your student's class supplies! It is recommended that they replace any journals or folders that are damaged, especially those missing covers. Please also remind them that during this week is also a great time to ask for a new purple journal if theirs is falling apart. My purple journal supply is very limited, so it is my discretion to replace it or not. Remember these journals are taken for a grade at the end of every unit so it is important to keep them in good shape.

  • Monday January 29: We will begin lesson 41 of Steve Jobs: Presenting our speeches. This is the final assignment of the Steve Jobs Unit. All materials for this week's assignments are due today unless the student did not get to present their speech today.
  • Tuesday January 30: We will finish lesson 41 of Steve Jobs: Presenting our speeches. This is the final assignment of the Steve Jobs Unit. All Steve Jobs assignments are due today!
  • Wednesday January 31: We will set up our supplies for our next unit- If Stones Could Speak- today.

  • Thursday January 25: We will complete lesson 1 of If Stones Could Speak: Unit Introduction and Gallery Walk.
  • Friday January 26: We will complete lesson 2 of If Stones Could Speak: Analyzing the Language of Travel. 


 Grades this Week:

1. Research Project brainstorm and rough draft

2. Final Draft of Speech

3. Speech presentation w/ Slideshow