February 5 - 9

  • February 5 - 9

    • Monday February 5: We will complete lesson 1 of If Stones Could Speak: Unit Introduction and Gallery Walk.
    • Tuesday February 6: Absent- students will work on the book scavenger from last week.
    • Wednesday February 7: Students will complete an assignment on Flocabulary. The lesson today is to help familiarize them with the vocabulary we will talk about in class.

    • Thursday February 8: We will complete lesson 2 of If Stones Could Speak: Analyzing the Language of "Travel." Students will read a poem and analyze it; answering questions about its meaning.
    • Friday February 9: We will complete lesson 3 of If Stones Could Speak: Analyzing the Themes of "Travel." Today we will continue what we started yesterday today focusing on the themes or messages that we can learn from the poem.


     Grades this Week:

    1. No grades due this week!