Week 31: March 25- 29

  • March 25 - March 29

    • Monday March 25: We will complete lesson 28 of If Stones Could Speak.
    • Tuesday March 26: Students will complete lesson 29 of If Stones Could Speak.
    • Wednesday March 27: Students will complete Lesson 30 of If Stones Could Speak and turn in their rough draft and final draft of their essay.

    • Thursday March 28: We will do a fun archeology activity for students who have finished and turned in their essays. All students who have not finished their essays and turned in their work will complete that instead.
    • Friday March 29: Happy Good Friday!

     Grades this Week:

    1. Rough draft CWT (Paper)
    2. Final draft CWT (Online)
    3. Purple Journal
    4. Spiral Notebook