Pursuant to LRS 42:19A (1)

any matter not on the published agenda may be taken up by board only upon

 unanimous approval of the members present.

An individual wishing to place a matter on the agenda shall submit a request to the Superintendent at least eight (8) days prior to the meeting date, stating the nature of the matter and the time required

 to present it.  (CPSB Policy File: BCBI)





Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I.                   Prayer— Fred Hardy


II.     Pledge of Allegiance – Regan Zaunbrecher/Bell City High School


III.   Roll Call


IV.   Approval of Minutes


           A. Calcasieu Parish School Board Meeting of April 9, 2013


     V.   Presentations


A. Zaner-Bloser Handwriting State Winners

                Mary Beth Huber, Elementary Curriculum Specialist

                Greg Thomas, Sales Representative - Zaner-Bloser


B. USDA Presentation/Healthier US School Challenge Awards

Patricia Hosemann, Director of Food Services


           C. 2012-2013 Students of the Year

                Edwina Hall and Shirley McKee, Elementary Curriculum Specialists


 VI.   Superintendent’s Report


   VII.   Committee Reports


             A. Budget and Fiscal Management Committee/Annette Ballard, Chair   

                 April 21, 2013


  VIII.  Take Appropriate Action


           A. Washington-Marion High School Band Trip to San Antonio, Texas/Six Flags/

                 May 10-May 12, 2013

           B. DeQuincy High School Drum Corps Trip to Cypress, Texas/July 19, 2013

           C. School District 25 Advertisement for Sale of Bonds

           D. School District 26 Advertisement for Sale of Bonds

           E. School District 30 Advertisement for Sale of Bonds

           F. School District 23 2013 Refunding (Advance Refunding 2010)

           G. School District 34 2013 Refunding (Advance Refunding 2008)


   IX. Bid Reports


           A. Bid 2013-33 Forklift Trucks for Central Warehouse

           B. Bid 2014-22 Office Supply Catalog

           C. Bid 2014-23 Large Equipment for Food Service Department

           D. Approval of Proposal for Commercial Banking Services for 2013-2016

           E. Approval of Workers’ Compensation Proposal

           F. Approval of Athletic Training Services Proposals

           G. Approval of Property and Casualty Renewal Proposal

                (Information will be available prior to Board Meeting)


    X.  Permission to Advertise


           A. Re-bid for Forklift Trucks for Central Warehouse
           B. School Marquees/Sulphur Bond

           C. Playground Equipment/Sulphur Bond

           D. Band Instruments/Sulphur Bond

           E. Floor Upkeep Equipment/Sulphur Bond

           F. Security Radios/Sulphur Bond

           G. Lawn & Garden Equipment/Sulphur Bond

           H. Iowa Area/New Middle School/Iowa High –

                Improvements and Renovations, J.I. Watson Elementary –

                Improvements and Renovations, LeBleu Settlement Elementary –

                New Gymnasium/Auditorium; District 25 Bond Funds

            I.  Vinton Elementary School: Phase I- Demolition of Gym;

                 Phase 2 – Multipurpose Room (with adjoining play court) Covered

                 Unloading Reroofing, Hard Surface Parking, and Drainage; Vinton

                 Middle School: Phase I – Building Renovations (Front Classroom

                 Building, Band Room Wing, and North Building) Canopy Upgrades,

                 Reroofing, Hard Surface Parking and Drainage; Vinton High School:

                 Phase I – New Ball Fields, Site Clearing & Dirt Work, Phase 2 –

                 Construction of Ball Fields, Phase 3 – Building Renovations (Secondary

                 Gym and Dressing Area) Two Story Classroom Building and Primary Gym;

                 District 26 Bond Funds.


   XI.  Correspondence


A.     Change Order Number Two for the Project, “CPSB T&I Renovations

Phase 2A,” CDBG Disaster Recovery Funds, Brossett Architect, LLC, Designer; Lewing Construction Co.,Contractor;

Increase of $6,412.00 and Increase of ten (10) days.


B.     Change Order Number Five for the Project, “Additions and Renovations

at Starks High School,” Increase of $3,439.39; District 24 Bond Funds;

C.R. Fugatt, AIA, Architect; Pat Williams Construction, Inc., Contractor;


C.     Recommendation of Acceptance for the Project, “Phase VI – Gymnasium Expansion and

Misc. Improvements at Maplewood Middle School.”


XII.  Executive Session


          A. Executive Session to discuss settlement/Case #045GL09/Attorney Greg Belfour


 XIII.  Condolences/Recognitions

 XIV.  Committee Agenda Items

   XV.  Schedule Committees


Tuesday, May 21, 2013……………Budget Committee, 4:45 p.m.