Pursuant to LRS 42:19A (1)

any matter not on the published agenda may be taken up by board only upon

 unanimous approval of the members present.


An individual wishing to place a matter on the agenda shall submit a request to the

 Superintendent at least eight (8) days prior to the meeting date, stating the nature of the

matter and the time required to present it.  (CPSB Policy File: BCBI)





Tuesday, February 5, 2013


  I.   Prayer � Roman Thompson


 II.   Pledge of Allegiance � Meghan Prieto, Sulphur High School


III.   Roll Call


IV.   Approval of Minutes


           A. Calcasieu Parish School Board Meeting of January 15, 2013


     V.   Presentations


            A. United Way/Live United Essay Winners

                 Denise Durel, President/CEO of United Way of SWLA

            B. 2013-14 Louisiana State Beta Club President

                 Justin Clark/Sulphur 9th Grade Teacher

            C. LCBA Music Video �Good Time�

                 Pam Dixon/Academy TV


 VI.   Superintendent�s Report


   VII.   Committee Reports


            A. A&P Committee, Jim Schooler, Chair

                 January 31, 2013

            B. Budget Committee, Annette Ballard, Chair

                 January 31, 2013


            (Minutes will be available at the Board Meeting)



  VIII.  Take Appropriate Action


A. Request for approval for the Washington Marion High School Choir to participate in

Song Fest 2013 in Jackson, MS/February 8-9, 2013

            B. Request for approval for the Washington Marion High School Band to

            participate in a parade performance in Panama City Beach, FL/April 26-28, 2013 

            C. Request for grant approval for CPSB Head Start Program

            D. Bond Resolution/School District 31/Current Refunding

            E. Bond Resolution/School District 21/Advance Refunding

            F. Bond Resolution/School District 30/Advance Refunding


   IX.   Bid Reports




    X.  Permission to Advertise


           A. Surplus Used Wooden Pallets
           B. Fire Extinguisher Inspections/Maintenance Department/General Funds

           C. Sprinkler System Inspections/Maintenance Department/General Funds

           D. Office Supply Catalog/Purchasing Department/General Funds

           E. Official Journal/Purchasing Department/General Funds

           F. School Uniforms, PE Suits/Title X Federal Programs/McKinney-Vento Funds


   XI.  Correspondence


         A. Change Order #3 (Three) for the Project, New Pavillion Building for Sam

              Houston High School, District 27 Bond Funds; C.R. Fugatt, AIA., Designer; 

              Keiland Construction, LLC., Contractor; Increase of 30 (Thirty) days.

         B. Change Order #1 (One) for the Project, Sam Houston High School New 

              Fieldhouse, District 27 Bond Funds; Moss Architects, Inc., Designer; Troy 

             Andrew Frick, Contractor; Increase of $37,599.25 and Increase of 6 (Six) days.

         C. Change Order #1 (One) for the Project, Additions and Renovations at Starks 

              High School, District 24 Bond Funds; C.R. Fugatt, AIA., Designer; Pat 

             Williams Construction, Inc., Contractor; Decrease of $132,100.00.



XII.  Executive Session




 XIII.  Condolences/Recognitions

 XIV.  Committee Agenda Items

   XV.  Schedule Committees