Pursuant to LRS 42:19A (1)

any matter not on the published agenda may be taken up by board only

 upon unanimous approval of the members present.


An individual wishing to place a matter on the agenda shall submit a request to the

Superintendent at least eight (8) days prior to the meeting date, stating the nature of the matter

and the time required to present it.  (CPSB Policy File: BCBI)





Tuesday, December 4, 2012


4:00 Henry Heights French Immersion Students

Singing in the Board Room


  I.   Prayer – Bryan LaRocque


 II.   Pledge of Allegiance – Abbie Miller /Westlake High School


III.   Roll Call


IV.   Approval of Minutes


            A. Calcasieu Parish School Board Meeting of November 13, 2012


     V.   Presentations


            A. Counselors of the Year

                 Sheila Kratzer, CTE Consultant

                 Dolores Hicks, Administrative Director of Elementary Schools

                 Charlotte Gallemore, Administrative Director of Middle Schools

                 David Buller, Administrative Director of High Schools

            B. SWLA Quality Awards

                 Tom Hatfield/SWLA Quality Council

                 Dolores Hicks, Administrative Director of Elementary Schools

            C. Volunteer Recognition/Dianne Frelot,Westwood Elementary School

                 Gerald Treme, Principal

            D. United Way 2012 CPSS Recognition

                 Denise Durel, Chairman of the Board/LA Association of United Way

            E. Outstanding Biology Teacher Award

                 David Buller, Administrative Director of High Schools

            F.  A+Pel Educator Scholarship Presentation

                  Keith Courville/A+Pel


 VI.   Superintendent’s Report


   VII.   Committee Reports


            A. C&I Committee, Mack Dellafosse, Chair

                 November 27, 2012

            B.  Budget Committee, Randy Burleigh, Chair

                 November 27, 2012


  VIII.  Take Appropriate Action


            A. Election of 2013 CPSB Officers

            B. Resolution to Employ Special Counsel

            C. Authorize an Agreement with Recreation District Number 1 of Ward 3 for its 

                 Use, Operation, and Renovation of Football Stadium, Track, and Tennis Courts

                  at the Lake Charles-Boston Academy and Authorize the Superintendent to 

                  Negotiate and Execute an Agreement Substantially in the Form which is Attached

            D. Approval of 2013 Board and Committee Dates

            E. District 31 Resolution for Refunding of 2005A Bonds

            F. District 33 Resolution for Refunding of 2005 Bonds

            G. District 21 Resolution for Refunding of Bonds

            H. District 30 Resolution for Refunding of Bonds


   IX.   Bid Reports


            A.Bid #2013-25 for ¾ ton Diesel Cargo Van for Transportation Department

 B. Bid 2013-26 for Gasoline and Diesel Fuel for Vehicles

 C. Bid 2013-27 for Bulk and Container Oil

 D. Bid 2013-29 for Bread (to be purchased under the provisions set forth in the

      Louisiana Statute for Emergency Procurement, due to the closure of Hostess)


    X.  Permission to Advertise


           A. Janitorial Supplies for School Year 2013-2014/General Funds

 B. Copy Paper for School year 2013-2014/General Funds


   XI.  Correspondence


         A. Change Order #2 for the Project, “New Pavillion Building for Sam Houston

              High School,” C.R. Fugatt, AIA, Designer; Keiland Construction, LLC, 

              Contractor; Increase of $15, 131.00 and Increase of Twenty (20) Days.

         B. Change Order #4 for the Project, “Sitework for Pods IX (Bell City, S.J. Welsh, 

              Sulphur High 9th, Frasch Elementary, and Restroom Building at Iowa High

              School,” C.R. Fugatt, AIA, Designer; D&G Construction, LLC, Contractor; 

              Increase of $20,485.96.


XII.  Executive Session

         (No Items at This Time)


 XIII.  Condolences/Recognitions

 XIV.  Committee Agenda Items

   XV.  Schedule Committees