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Lunch Menu

  • 1/22/2018

    Fluffy Pancake Sliders with Sweet Syrup

    Chilled Tropical Fruit


    Breaded Chicken Tenders

    Cheesy Mac & Cheese

    Sweet Glazed Carrots

    Chilled Cole Slaw

    Juicy Watermelon

  • 1/23/2018

    Crunchy Cereal

    Buttered Toast

    Crisp Apple Juice

    Ice-Cold Orange Juice


    Soft Baked Potato with Tasty Chili and Cheese

    Soft Breadstick

    Juicy Orange Wedges

    Vibrant Steamed Broccoli

  • 1/24/2018

    Golden Brown Waffles

    Sweet Orange Wedges


    Savory Hamburger Steak

    Black Eyed Peas

    Wholesome Roll

    Fluffy Brown Rice

    Steamed Green Beans

    Chilly Cantaloupe

  • 1/25/2018

    Moist Banana Bread Cake Squares

    Juicy Pineapple Tidbits


    Southern BBQ Chicken

    Creamy Mashed Potatoes

    Enticing Baked Beans

    Soft Breadstick

    Bright Red Grapes

  • 1/26/2018

    Fresh Baked Breakfast Pizza

    Plump Pears


    Macho Beefy Nachos with Chips

    Refried Beans

    Tossed Side Salad


    Zesty Salsa

    Plump Pears


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